~ about Peaky ~ 


The survivor of several life or death situations herself, GR Peake is all too aware of the potential horrors of the real world, and also perhaps uniquely qualified to write about them. As such, she aims to give her readers a glimpse into the intense high-emotion scenarios she knows only too well, combining the psychological thriller and dark horror elements sure to get their pulses racing. 


Oxford-born English writer GR Peake, known as Peaky, published her first book in 2018.  The daughter of an armaments designer and a communications executive, she is known for her cheerful and down-to-earth demeanour, in complete contrast to her often dark and terrifying literature.

Peaky grew up on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire, England, and began her cre­ative career as an artist.  A business degree in Wales and a postgrad in England followed, resulting in an unconventional life of art, music, and adventures. Recent forays into academia resulted in a Master of Letters Distinction (Masters) MLitt, centred around medieval history and the Vikings.  However, her enthusiasm for writing fiction continues unabated, and after several years penning short stories, poems, and texts, she has finally found her perfect genre, a unique style of psychological dark horror that creates a strange new world of sexual excess and horrifying fear.

A writer by day and a reader by night, Peaky is also a keen academic scholar, music-lover, artist, conservationist, and poet.  A previous long-standing inhabitant of Scotland, she now makes her home in the north of England with her dog, where she is pursuing her love of research and academia, and loves to hear from readers.