~ 'ThePeaky' blog ~

'ThePeaky' blog is a combination of all the things I love and am passionate about.

From fabulous art, to medieval history, films and music, to delicious food to get your taste-buds going,

new and favourite places to visit, to all those wonderful life-affirming moments,

through to lastly, and perhaps most importantly (for me),

my love of the written word, academic research,

and my passion to write..  

And all with a sprinkling of occasional horror..

We all have a story.. 

I hope 'ThePeaky' will become part of mine..

and  I hope, yours..


~ Peaky

Blog posts:


The artistic soul..

23/05/18 I have a passion for art. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved to paint, draw, fiddle with a pencil, and just create with my hands. For a while I even tried it as a career, and it did well, but strangely I didn't enjoy it. To me, focusing on the business element and selling my work seemed to steal all the enjoyment out of actually doing it. Maybe art for me is just pleasure, art for art's sake, an emotional purge, or even a kind of therapy. Nevertheless,

Brave New World..

21/05/18 What is 'ThePeaky? ' I hear you cry.. Well,'ThePeaky' is a combination of all the things I love and am passionate about, from great art, film and music, to current affairs, recipes to get your taste-buds going, gorgeous gardens, new and favourite places to visit, divine shopaholic moments, to lastly, and perhaps most importantly (for me!) my love of the written word and my desire to write. And all with a sprinkling of horror.. ​ We all have a story.. and perhaps '