~ writing by Peaky ~



"Everything I write is based on truth in some way.

People often criticise modern horror stories for being

too graphic in their powerful images and sexual content, 

but I would answer that by saying

my subject matters are very autobiographical. 

I just write about what I know.

And you can't condemn me for that.

Because it's real..."

~ Peaky     


Having survived several life or death situations, British writer Riven Peake (known as Peaky) is only too aware of the potential horrors of the real world, and also perhaps uniquely qualified to write about them.  As such, she aims to give her readers a glimpse into the intense, high-emotion scenarios she knows only too well, fusing powerful psychological thriller with a sinister terror that is sure to get their pulses racing. 

Below are links to some of Peaky's current work..



The Folie à Deux

What would you do to survive..?

Imagine waking to find yourself bound, held hostage, and transported on a terrifying journey.  As you struggle to make sense of your desperate situation, you soon realise there is something far more than mere sexual motivation to your captor’s hidden agenda.  And when events take an unimaginable turn that shakes you to your very core, you are forced to reassess all you thought you knew about yourself and what you are capable of, in order to survive.


As the horrific final consequences unfold, the hostage and kidnapper find themselves locked together in a nightmare scenario, hurtling towards a conclusion far more shocking than either of them could ever have imagined..


With ‘The Folie à Deux’ novella, Riven Peake delves deep into ‘the madness of two’ and reveals her very own distinctive genre that combines potent sexuality with dark horror, creating a disturbing new world of sexual excess and horrifying fear…

The folie a deux_mockup - from the artis