A Real-Life Horror...


Imagine for a moment, you popped to the shops after work. Nothing special, just a little trip to your usual supermarket to buy bread and milk, maybe a bit of fruit, and perhaps a frozen pizza. Just minding your own business getting a few essentials to keep the family going waiting at home. Yet you never make it home. Some lunatic with a gun decides to shoot you in the car park, and watches cheering delightedly as you slump to the ground, lifeless. And as the blood pours forth from the gaping wounds in your now-dead corpse, the lunatic with a gun does not rob you, or even attempt to steal your car. No, he whips out his camera and poses for a laughing selfie before your body is even cold. There would be public outrage, and rightly so.

An inconceivable situation? Well, one would hope so. And yet this is exactly the awful scenario that happened to a beautiful grizzly bear in Canada this week. This gorgeous creature, happily living it’s life and minding its own business, was callously gunned down by someone for fun. And for a social media selfie.

Murdered? Executed? You choose your own adjective here. My words now are for the inhuman creature who pulled the trigger while cackling madly with glee. To former Canadian hockey player Tim Brent, you might have felt brave and courageous for one brief moment in your sad impotent little life when you needlessly slaughtered this beautiful animal, but let me tell you, true bravery and courage is standing tall in the face of evil and wickedness and doing all in your power to stop it. True bravery and courage is fighting an illness every day that is so painful and pervasive it threatens to overwhelm you, yet not giving in. True bravery and courage is watching helplessly as someone you love battles a disease while you can do nothing to ease their suffering, yet still you try, never giving up hope. But killing a beautiful creature happily foraging for food in the sunshine just to ‘prove’ you are a man?? No, there is not one iota of courage or bravery in that, just a cruelty and barbarity so savage and lacking in conscience it beggars belief.

To be forced to kill is one thing, be it in self-defence or even just to feed your family. That I understand, and even empathise with. But to kill a defenceless creature for mere ‘pleasure’, for ‘laughs’, or for a god-damn bloody SELFIE, well there is wickedness in that I cannot comprehend. What a dark, evil place your soul must be, Mr Brent. And by god, I hope it haunts you…

~Riven Peake

And if you have something to say about this, why not contact Tim Brent direct on his Twitter at @Brenter37 ...

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