New Beginnings...


“There is a crack in everything… that’s how the light gets in..” Leonard Cohen.

Changing your life is never easy. Especially when that change in part emanates from great personal tragedy. But sometimes that pain and sorrow can result in a new creativity and determined discipline for hard work, that when combined with a single-minded focus on a clear goal, can ultimately make even very distant dreams come true. From those first oh-so-hard small steps, to navigating the myriad of huge (and often unexpected) hurdles and difficulties en-route, through to the inevitable self-doubts on the days when you wonder if you really are good enough, changing your life is a huge challenge. But never forget you always have choices, and you only ever fail on the day you give up trying. I know I have learned a hell of a lot of tough lessons in the last twelve months, but amongst all the heartache and terrible loss, I was surprised to find there were always positives and wonders to witness. From the kindness of the truest of friends (and indeed strangers) in the worst of moments, through to witnessing incredible bravery and love that will always inspire me, to finding a new strength I never knew I was capable of, this last year quite simply has changed my life in a multitude of ways. And whilst I will always mourn the loss and feel the sorrow, to know there is still joy, pleasure, and dreams to discover, even after the darkest of times, is something I am so very grateful for. As I am for the countless happy memories that leave me feeling so very blessed. So, as I begin my own ‘new start’ I am full of hope and resolve to make the most out of life and embrace every opportunity. To smile every smile, to love wildly and as much as possible, and to never say no to a second slice of cake!

Never, ever give up hope. Anything is possible, if you just believe..

~ Peaky

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