Quintessentially English…

Updated: Jun 28, 2018


It’s that time of year again.. when the Chelsea Flower Show takes delight in assaulting our senses with divine aromas, explosions of colour, and emotional links to heartfelt stories and worthy causes. But why do our gardens inspire such tremendous passions and stir so much emotion even in the darkest of hearts? Part of it is aspirational of course, we see the little landscapes we would love to be a part of, the world we hope and dream we will one day surround us. And sometimes gardens evoke memories, the flowers and scenery we recall from childhood holidays with carefree days and laughter in the summer sun. But often the truth is more prosaic, being surrounded by nature, even our own tiny little rectangle of it, gives our hearts a lift, and a tranquil feeling of harmony, safety, and love like no other. Gardens, or more simply our gardens, bring us a peaceful calm that heals the soul. No wonder we adore them so..

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