Summer Lovin'...


(Image: pixabay)

All this glorious (and thoroughly unseasonable!) sudden summer weather here in the UK has got me thinking about past childhood summers and the joys of endless school holidays. Back then, as an ardent nine year old Famous Five devotee, summer days consisted of devouring tinned sardines on toast, just-picked huge juicy strawberries, copious glasses of chilled ginger beer (minus the beer part of course!), and a million ‘ices’ (or frozen fruit lollies to those non Enid Blyton aficionados!), and enjoying day after day exploring the local neighbourhood on bicycles. All while having the numerous required ‘adventures’! (perhaps where my love of such excitement began?!). Life was so much simpler back then. And more fun! Of course my love of picnics hasn’t diminished over the intervening years (nor my fondness for the occasional mad escapade!), but as we grow up, the business of ‘life’ seems to take over and the time left for mere fun diminishes. And hands up those who miss the worry-free days of sunburnt noses and enthusiastic games of tennis on the back lawn, then waiting for the oh-so-slow garden hose to fill the paddling pool, followed by loud squeals when hot skin met delicious cold water?! All frequently interrupted by the race for melting cornets whenever we heard the happy jingling summons of the ice-cream van man?! Well I say it’s time to rediscover those lost childhood pleasures, and bring back the happy! And of course the ice-cream cones..!

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